Monday, September 30, 2013



I used MADE circle skirt tutorial to help me with my first circle skirt. It was much simpler than I thought it would be and the best part No Seams!  I had some aqua blue plaid fabric that my mother in law gave me a while back which at the time I really had no clue what to make out of it, but with Project Run and Play sew along theme for the week being PLAID, I immediately thought of this fabric. It is a nice lightweight type of fabric which is perfect for that bouncy easy flowing type skirt.

First I measured my daughter's waist, added an extra inch for seam allowance, marked the fabric and then I measured how long I wanted the skirt to be, marked it with a pen then I cut up my 1/4 circle. I left a little extra because I wanted to have a little extra gathered shirred effect to the skirt. If you need help with measurements check out Dana's measurement instructions, she is really great at explaining everything in detail with easy to understand instructions.

After I cut my 1/4 circle I have my skirt and a smaller circle that I used and made a bow hair clip to match with the skirt. I serged the top and bottom of skirt to avoid fraying.

Next, I serged the elastic and sewed it down. (I know I had white thread in my serger, didn't want to change it since it's on the inside of the skirt and it won't show....although I kinda like it). Melissa, one of my daughters (the one modeling the outfit), said she likes it like this because it's easier to tell which is the front of the skirt and which is the back of the skirt. 

 I didn't like just putting together the elastic to the skirt piece without gathering the fabric a little. So I put the thread settings on high (4) and sewed a line at the top of my skirt. Then I gathered the fabric shirring up a little and then pinning it to the elastic for a perfect fit. It's much easier to sew like this.

I decided to complete the look by adding some beautiful crocheted lace trim I had to the bottom hem of the skirt.

The matching hair bow I made to match with the whole outfit.