Wednesday, October 30, 2013



After a busy day running around doing errands, I pick up the kids from school only to hear them say "Mommy I'm hungry." What to make, what to make? Something fast, good and yet nutritious and healthy at the same time. I thought why not make some vegetable soup? Yep, a quick vegetable soup sounded delicious. The older girls helped peel the carrots and parsnips, then prep the veggies (cutting celery, carrots, parsnips and tomatoes) while I chopped the onions and garlic. I started off with sauteing the vegetables adding salt, pepper and vegeta and then adding water letting the water come to a boil. I wasn't sure whether to add some homemade pasta noodles or to make dumplings. As the soup was cooking on the stove, I decided to finally go with the dumplings. Besides I haven't made those in a while. So, I cracked a couple of eggs and started beating/scrambling them with a fork, seasoned with salt, then slowly incorporated cream of wheat (farina) to the egg mixture. When the vegetables in the soup were nice and tender like, with a spoon I scooped and dropped the cream of wheat egg mixture to the hot boiling soup. Within minutes the soup was done. I added some freshly chopped parsley and woala lunch was served! A simple fresh vegetable soup with dumplings. My kids loved it so much they had seconds.

Since my kids love soups and I'm a soup lover myself, I tend to make all sorts of different soups often. One ingredient that I love using in most of my soups is Vegeta. Vegeta is an awesome condiment which is of a mixture of different spices and vegetables that's used in many European kitchens. A must have in your kitchen!