Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Aqua Blue Plaid Circle Skirt and Easy Shirred Shirt

Project Run and Play Plaid Theme Sew Along

Aqua Blue Plaid Circle Skirt and Easy Shirred Shirt

Okay, so I somehow ran across Project Run and Play and I have to say it got me to start blogging. Although I'm not very good at it and still learning my way around, I'm excited to start posting my projects I do for my kids and with my kids. For this week, Project Run and Play sew along theme is MAD for PLAID!!! At first I couldn't think of what I'd make, but I then I remembered that my mother in law gave me some blue plaid fabric that she bought in bulk and no longer needed a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure what to make at first for this sew along project, and then I thought of making my first circle skirt that I've seen on the MADE tutorial blog and so my project started. I know when I was a little girl my mom used to make my sister and I clothes and I do remember her making us a circle skirt and saying that it was one of the easiest thing she made for us. Now it's my turn for my girls.

Tuesday I decided to make my first sew along ever for Project Run and Play. This was my first ever attempt to making a circle skirt, but Dana's tutorial was very helpful and easy to understand. I added a cute crocheted lace trim for the bottom of the skirt as a hem to make it look nicer and more complete. As for the shirt, at first I wasn't really sure what to make that would go cute with the aqua blue plaid circle skirt. I decided to make my own pattern, shirred the middle (you'll have to read later in the tutorial how I came up with that) and added the same plaid fabric to the sleeves. Originally I made this outfit for my younger daughter Gianna, my 5 year old, but she wasn't up to taking any pictures, so Melissa my 7 year old happily "claimed" the outfit and put it on to model it for me :) They're both size 6-7 and the only difference between them is their height. For my pics, I took my 7 year old Melissa to the park to model the outfit for me. It was 106 today in Arizona with a little wind...just the perfect weather for pictures. Check out my TUTORIALS page for details of how to make this outfit.

I also made a little bow hair clip out of the plaid fabric to match with the outfit.

The sun was so bright she kept tearing up. 
Only in AZ it's still over 100 degrees at the end of September and I love it :)

She started climbing the tree....


back of circle skirt with beautiful crocheted lace hem detail

 I will be posting my tutorials of the shirred shirt and circle skirt I made on my blog as soon as I have time. With 7 kids there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day for everything I want to do, but I try my best. For my first ever sew along I'm really proud of the way the outfit turned out and all my 5 girls all want one now. We'll just have to see about that since I only have less than a yard left...perhaps with different fabric....
Thanks Project Run and Play for opportunity to share my design with yall!

She loves this outfit and really wants to wear it to school. 
Here she is screaming out loud "IIIIIIIIII love it" .... 
Silly girl :) LOVE her so much! 

For complete tutorial of this shirt and skirt you can check out my TUTORIALS  page :) Thanks and God Bless!